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Top 5 Trending Pizza Franchise


Ask a kid to tell you their favourite food; more than expected that kid will say pizza. Many patrons retain that childhood love, making this food’s prevalent popularity a great franchise business opportunity. With Frantastic you will discover information that aids you to find your exclusive pizza franchise business.

Pizza Da Dhaba, Go69 Pizza, Naples Pizza, U.S. Pizza, Your’s Pizza and the list goes on. Foods – every region has its own penchants and an extensive list of preferred toppings. All this assortment means abundant of prospects to own a franchise pizza place that’s seized a precise consumer niche. With all the accessible business breaks, buying a pizza franchise contingent generally on matching you with the right franchisor. Frantastic is your finest resource for a variety of information about specific top pizza franchises.

Frantastic provides a complete almanack listing of pizza franchises, as well as broad, general info about these business prospects. Having this treasured info abridges procuring a franchise pizza restaurant because you will have rapidly eradicated franchises for sale that do not encounter your standards. Being able to quickly sort and find the pizza franchise info you are attracted to makes Frantastic a vital resource.

TOP 5 Franchising Opportunities

1.    Pizza Da Dhaba

PIZZA DA DHABA name itself suggests that here they serve WESTERN FOOD WITH INDIAN ATTITUDE. Western culture has oozed into the Indian society, and this is evident in the clothes that people attire, the food they munch & the lifestyle they lead, & one of the foods that have Indians have become a fan of is the Pizza. According to the new research report, the demand for various fast food items is steadily rising in India.

The most appetizing of them all is Pizza, which has now emerged as one of the most favourite fast food items of the Indians specifically the young generation. At Pizza DaDhaba they have invented the concept of serving Pizza in an Indian way with traditional Indian toppings which will be pleasant not only by the younger generation but by people of all age groups. One can say this as PIZZA – The Indian Way. All the dishes that will be served in the Pizza DaDhaba outlets are exclusive in their taste.

Years of hard work have gone into the research of these recipes weather be the Indian style Pizza or The Indian style kinds of pasta or noodles etc. Their every dish has a unique mouth-watering flavour which the food lover can get only at Pizza DaDhaba outlets. Currently, they are having a presence in all over India. And they are providing in our menu’s like Pasta, Nuggets, Burger, Garlic Breads, Pizza, Maggie etc.

2.    DR Pizza

DR Pizza and foods founders are having more than 10 years of practice in the restaurant business. They have started the Surat’s initial FOCO (Franchise owned company operated model). They have own bakery production with a whole wheat bread thought. They deliver an assortment of pizza, burgers, pizza and beverages and much more. They are on the mission to reform the pizza-eating trends of Indian people.

With their food and custom of whole wheat brown bread, they urge people to eat healthily and that makes them happy to see that people have soon recognized the new taste. They had their share of difficulties and our journey still has road bumps but as long as their vision of delivering healthy yet delightful food to people is clear, there is nothing which will halt them.

3.    US Pizza & Fried Chicken

USPFC has come an elongated way from its commencement to become your number one source for all delightful things like. Pizza, Fried Chicken, Calzone, Burgers, Pasta & many more. They are enthusiastic to give you the very best of Natural dough Pizza, Yummy Burgers & very Juicy Fried Chicken in a single menu. They focus on trustworthiness, uniqueness & best in industry customer service.

Food is all about taste. That is why USPFC serves a very groundbreaking menu with natural ingredients to give you the finest in industry taste at a very affordable price. USPFC is a food destination for those, who love to try diverse things with their food. They are here to serve you a big menu of American & Italian cuisine with some Indian spice mix & really virtuous taste. USPFC is currently serving customers at numerous places and ecstatic to be a part of a really amazing food & beverage industry.

4.    Naples Pizza

In 1984, Naples family opened its first Naples Pizza outlet in Windsor’s east side. They were gritty to give their customers – Unquestionably the Best’ tasting pizza around and as a result, their family-owned operation of over 23 years has now grownup to around 20 locations throughout Essex and Kent counties and London. And they have always listened to their customers.

They wanted more, so they gave them more. In addition to their original pizza, new menu items with the same great taste were added to placate customer demand. They continually research new products to always offer a delightful experience every time! So, from their family to yours. They invite you to stop in at one of their Naples Pizza outlets and order up a prodigious – Unquestionably the Best taste experience.

5.    Your’s Pizza

Your’s Pizza Shop Inc. initiated in the 1950s and was started by a family in Massillon, Ohio. The business operated throughout the 1960s and 1970s, intensifying in size. In 1978 current proprietor and President of Your’s Pizza Shop Corporation; Dave Newstetter, became a franchisee and unbolted his first store located in North Canton, which was a carry-out shop only. Mr Newstetter’s second location opened in 1981 in Massillon, Ohio catering for carry-out and dine-in patrons.

Throughout the 1980s, Mr Newstetter ensued to open additional pizza shops and became the General Manager of Your’s Pizza Shop Inc. in 1987. In 1995 he was given the prospect to buy the company from the original owner and enlarge the “Your” Pizza Shop franchise outside of Ohio and into Florida. Your’s Pizza Shop now has a chain of pizza outlets in Ohio and Florida, entailing of carry-out, dine-in, buffets, and delivery and sports bar at select locations with future plans for enlargement elsewhere. The mindset of Dave Newstetter and “Your” Pizza Shop Corp. is to do an affordable business with low overhead, permitting a buyer to be in business for 10’s of thousands of dollars less.


Who does not know this fabulous eminent Italian dish – Pizza? From broods to grownups, this dish is rated the topmost food item that is ordered as a dine-in or takes away food in the supreme of the restaurants and hotel offering this in their menu. In India, the Food and Beverage industry has been thriving over the past decade and the progress does not look like it is going to stall anytime soon.

If you’re bushed of working for other people but want to join a familiar framework so you can learn and advance your business, we can say that capitalizing in a franchise may be a virtuous choice for you. But, if you are attracted in franchise opportunities and have a love for pizza (and who doesn’t love pizza), then this franchise business is irrefutably a decent choice in the Indian franchise market. At Frantastic, we provide our clients with various pizza franchise opportunities.